Blow / Vacuum / Remove Debris

It makes a difference

Blowing is by far the most important component to professional maintenance. Why do I say that? Because in this industry you can really tell who the experts are by the way they finish the property. This is typically the last step before the crew will leave your property and for instance, some companies, and most DIY-ers, will blow the street, sidewalk and driveway without a problem.  

However, at Nature's Own, we don't think that should be the end of it. We prefer to clean the entire property front to back, to ensure that there are no leaves, trimmings, loose grass, or other debris left on the property, as well as remove any twigs, trash or other items that would normally leave an unsightly finish.

In addition to blowing off the entire property, we also go around the first story of your home and remove any debris or cobwebs from around all doors, windows, and other exterior fixtures. 


Unless of course you like this?