Our mission is simple: Colossians 3:23 (NAS) 
Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for man.

My name is Allen Francescutti, I am the owner and operator of Nature's Own Landscape Solutions, LLC. I have worked in the green industry since I was 10 years old. I started off washing trucks, cleaning equipment, maintaining equipment and cleaning up the debris from trimmings and mulch installations for a company my step-father owned in Pinellas county, Florida.. 

What that taught me was patience for the details and hard work is worth the outcome. I would work in the afternoons and during school breaks, learning the basics and eventually growing myself to have the ability to provide professional services with each of the different pieces of equipment. He sold his company to move to Atlanta to pursue his passion of business management. 

I began learning from him how to properly manage a successful company. He taught me valuable skills in sales, customer service, team management, route management, business financials, and best of all, I learned hard work, passion and a strong sense of desire and accomplishment.

He is now the Regional Vice President at Arrow Exterminators.
I worked for several companies in the green industry before opening my own in 2005 called Nature's Own Lawn Services, Inc. I went through a divorce in 2007 and sold my venture to move to Gwinnett. I stayed true to my passion and continued to provide my services working for other lawn and landscape companies in the area. 

I honed my skills with the equipment and taught myself some very valuable lessons in business and management. I learned what to do and even more so, what not to do. 

I started paying more attention to the world around me, and my love and passion for the industry grew. I found myself getting upset with the way some companies treat there employees, treat there clients and most importantly treat the environment we all live in. 

I am a firm believer that laws and rules are put in place because somewhere along the line, someone did something that affected or hurt other people. I see more and more laws and local regulations taking effect, that turn a sore eye towards the green industry. Some researchers say that pesticides and fertilizers affect our water ways. A story from our nations news, says that two little girl's lives were taken due to improper use of chemicals placed on the lawn. 

The government is making it clear that they will not tolerate misuse of chemicals or other products that hinder or hurt humanity and the environment. I believe that it is due to companies trying to get rich instead of taking the time to do what's right. Its easy to put a few bags of fertilizer on a truck and send them out to service 10 or more properties a day, but Is that right? Are they applying them correctly? Are they licenced? Should they be applying in the current weather?

If weeds are the issue, then the best solution is too make the turf healthier which causes it to become more dense. This helps by smothering out the weeds instead of putting a chemical on to kill them. 

​I look at my kids and hope to be able to give them a grand future. In order for me to fulfill this dream I have to look at the world they are involved in. To do this, I must look at what we are doing now to the environment. 

I believe people are put on this earth to serve a purpose. Some are chosen to provide health services to God's people, I for one, feel chosen to provide health services to God's creation of nature.